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About Chabad of Princeton

Founded in 2002, the Scharf Family Chabad House was established with a vision of creating a home away from home for Jewish students at Princeton, where all are welcome no matter background or affiliation.


With YOUR help, we have done that, and much more. Your interest, your contributions, and your advice and input have taken Chabad from a one bedroom apartment on Nassau Street to a much larger (but still too small) Chabad House right across from Princeton’s dormitories.


Together with the Webbs and the Brooks, you have created an environment where lifelong friendships are created, and a place where Judaism is fun and alive.


It’s not all informal. Nearly 50 hours of classes take place at the Chabad House each week. At 8 am and frequently at 1 am, students are at Chabad studying and absorbing the ancient and the modern teachings of our holy tradition.


The most powerful program at Chabad is the students. With nearly 40 students serving on various boards, these students at Princeton are learning to lead. It is this leadership that we are proud of. And, we are hopeful that this will translate into leadership and service in the world beyond the orange bubble. 

To learn more about Chabad generally, click here. 

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