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Double Mitzvah: Shop Small Businesses in Southern Israel to Help the Soldiers and Evacuees

         Businesses in Southern Israel are struggling after multiple blows.  In Gaza Envelope towns, there is daily rocket fire, substantial damages from terrorist infiltration, and many communities have been evacuated.  Even slightly further away, ongoing rocket fire and insufficient shelters make it impossible to resume regular schooling, leaving small businesses without customers or childcare.

        The same Southern population is trying to support the huge numbers of soldiers stationed here, who are involved in intense daily training, fighting, and guarding. Many, especially reservists, have been living in field camps and sleeping in tents, with communal areas that have limited electrical supply and limited food rations. Many of the soldiers have been in place for the past month, with limited, unpredictable breaks.

       These small businesses, who have lost the entirety of their customer bases yet continue to provide goods to soldiers free of cost, need our help. The economic struggle and prospective bankruptcy of many of these businesses, which sit on the front lines of Israel’s borders, would do a great detriment to Israeli society for many years to come. Along with these businesses, there are estimated to be over 130,000 evacuees who no longer have any streams of income, yet do not receive government assistance even as rockets are launched at their homes, because they are outside of the official evacuation zone.

        All items and needs for soldiers and evacuees will be purchased from local small businesses, rather than wholesalers and national chains. For these small businesses, a few large orders could help them limit their losses and not close permanently. We hope to support as many small businesses as possible, providing some salvation for those on the front line protecting our country. 

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